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Alley/Street Tear-Up

This permit is required prior to an individual or contractor tearing up a street or alley. It is normally needed when storm or sanitary sewers are installed.

Water hook-ups are handled by the Building/Zoning Office and usually do not require street tear-up.

Public utility companies are not required to obtain a permit, but are required to notify both the police and fire departments if roadway use is interrupted for an extended period of time. Individuals or contractors are also required to provide the same notification if street or alley use will be interrupted for a period of time.
While utility companies are required to repair the road surface to its original state, Street/Alley Tear-Up Permits require individuals or contractors to only properly back-fill and compact the damaged area using a specific material. The fee covers the cost of the city repairing the final paving.

You will be given instructions on the proper back-fill at the time you obtain a permit. Street/Alley Tear-Up Permits can be obtained from the Building/Zoning Office, 301 Harding Way East.

No inspection is required

Other permits you may need:
Curb Cut
Sanitary Sewer
Water Hook-Up

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