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Building Permit - Residential

Any structure to be built or structurally altered requires a building permit. Any outbuildings larger than 8' x 10' such as detached garages or storage buildings also require a building permit.

Residential examples requiring a building permit include home or garage construction, porch (wood or concrete), deck, room additions, roofline changes and mobile home placements. Modular home placement requires a building permit along with applicable permits needed for "stick construction" homes.

Residential structural alterations requiring a building permit include moving walls, moving or adding a doorway or window, or changing the width of any of these that require a new support header. Replacement windows do not require a permit. Do not touch any area around a meter until you contact the City Line Department. For remote meters, contact the City Finance Department before touching.

If in doubt about whether your work requires a building permit, please call the City Building/Zoning Office at 419-468-2642.

Retain your building permit during the entire construction or alteration process. Post it in a window visible from the street.

If your proposed activity does not conform to the zoning ordinance, you may submit an appeal for a variance to the Galion Board of Zoning Appeals. Paperwork and fee must be received no later than the second Friday of each month at the City Building/Zoning Office for review at the next meeting.

Inspections needed:
Footer (prior to pouring footer, placing poles or for trailer pads)
Rough-In (before insulation or walls are covered)
Final (upon completion, but before use or occupancy)

Note: It is your responsibility to call the City Building/Zoning Office at 419-468-2642 to arrange inspections at least 48 hours before footer and rough-in inspection is needed and at least seven days before final inspection is needed.

Call Building and Zoning Department for building permit fees.

Required for permit:
Construction Plan
Site Plan
Material List

Other permits you may need:
Curb Cut
Sanitary Sewer
Storm Sewer
Street/Alley Tear-Up
Water Hook-Up



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