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The City of Galion is working very closely with county, state and Federal agencies on homeland security issues.  Our lines of communications with these agencies are quite good.  If a condition "red" is issued by the Federal government, we will implement a local action plan.  We intend to operate as normal, but with a higher level of attention paid to unusual activity.  We plan on keeping local government offices open unless notice is given otherwise.  We would ask that our citizens report to the police department any unusual activities in the vicinities of our electrical substations, schools, airport, water tower, hospital etc.  Working together and using common sense, we can assure that our community will remain calm and safe.  Please take the time to review the emergency information links below.  There are several helpful guidelines that can assist you in preparing your emergency plan.


U. S. Department of Homeland Security Home Page.

American Red Cross
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Don't be afraid...Be ready  (Ready.gov - From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security)
Homeland Security Be Prepared Check List
Ohio Homeland Security site
Ohio Public Safety
Ohio Public Safety Residential Homeland Response Guide
Ohio Public Safety School Homeland Response Guide
Ohio Public Safety Business Homeland Response Guide
Ohio Revised Code--Presented by Anderson's Publishing

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