Outdoor Dining

Earlier this year, City Council passed legislation to allow businesses within the Uptowne Business District to have permanent outdoor dining areas on the sidewalks. An application must first be submitted to the Safety-Service Director and must contain the following:

  • A cover letter.
  • If the business owner is a lessee, written permission from the building owner is required.
  • Site plan of the retail food and/or drink establishment and its proposed outdoor dining facility. Please include the boundaries and distances of the outdoor dining area, entrances into the establishment, property lines, sidewalk width and all surface obstructions within 15 feet of the proposed outdoor dining area.
Separate approval from the Design Review Board is required to ensure the materials used for fencing, tables and chairs are compliant with Design Review guidelines. Click here for an application.

If the business wishes to serve alcohol within the outdoor dining area, approval from the Division of Liquor Control is required as well.