Utility Rates

Click on "New Electric Rates 2015" below to see what the current electric class rates are. Beginning in January 2015, water and sewer rates were lowered. We are providing our customers a way to see how the new approved electric rates will effect their total monthly utility bill.

The application below will show our customers what the net effect of these three actions have on their total utility costs. 
Simply click on "Residential Utility Charge Comparison" and enter your monthly electric and water usage. The worksheet will show you your bill compared to two other electric providers. Note: You do not need to enter your sewer usage as sewer charges are based on your water consumption.

If you have any questions or need assistance in calculating your bill, please call the Utility Office.  We are willing to assist you in understanding how the new rates will effect you overall utility bill.

Energy Saving Programs

Several programs are available to help you become more energy efficient and reduce utility bills.

For residential customers:
Smart Home
US Department of Energy

For commercial customers:
Efficiency Smart Business Rebates
Efficiency Smart Custom Program