1. Alarm System

    Find information about the Alarm System permit.

  2. Alley / Street Tear-Up Permit

    The Alley / Street Tear-Up Permit is required prior to an individual or contractor tearing up a street or alley.

  3. Building Permit

    Any structure to be built or structurally altered requires a Building Permit.

  4. Curb Cut Permit

    A Curb Cut Permit is needed if your plan requires cutting into an existing street curb.

  5. Demolition Permit

    Any primary building or outbuilding to be dismantled or removed from a property is considered a demolition and requires a Demolition Permit.

  6. Driveway Permit

    A Driveway Permit is required if you are installing a new driveway or changing the surface of an existing driveway to concrete, or it you are widening the drive at the point that it intersects the street.

  7. Electrical Permit

    An Electrical Permit is required when an upgrade or new electrical service is being installed.

  8. Fence Permit

    A Fence Permit is required any time you plan to construct, alter, replace, or reconstruct a fence on your property.

  9. Mobile Homes

    Learn what is needed for a Mobile Home Permit.

  10. Outdoor Dining

    Permit application and information for businesses interested in adding an outdoor dining area

  11. Plumbing Permit

    A residential Plumbing Permit is required for all new construction involving plumbing.

  1. Pool Permit

    A pool permit is needed for a pool over 1 foot in depth, including installation of an above-ground pool or construction of a permanent in-ground pool.

  2. Sanitary Sewer Permit

    A sanitary sewer system capacity fee is required in order to hook up a sanitary sewer line.

  3. Satellite Dish Permit

    A Satellite Dish Permit is required when you install a dish larger than 39.37 inches in diameter.

  4. Sidewalk Permit

    There is no fee for a Sidewalk Permit, but you must have a permit before you begin your project.

  5. Storm Sewer Permit

    A Storm Sewer Permit is required in order to hookup a storm sewer for either residential or commercial use.

  6. Tree Planting Permit

    Information for Tree Planting Permit

  7. Tree Trimming Permit

    Any tree trimming or removal that involves a tree on or overhanging city right-of-way requires a permit.

  8. Water Meter Installation

    A meter service charge must be paid and a contract for service signed before service is turned on.

  9. Water Tap Permit

    Installing water service to a new or existing building requires a permit.

  10. Zoning Permit

    A Zoning Permit is a certification of property use and must be obtained before the project is completed.